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About Great Barrier Reef

The Great Barrier Reef is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the world's seven natural wonders. It occupies a 348,000 square kilometre region near Queensland in Australia. Numerous marine animals live there along with Aboriginal people and Torres Strait Islanders dating back roughly 40,000 and 10,000 years. The reef has become crucial to Australia's tourist and cultural identity. Over 2,100 different reefs and about 800 fringing reefs can be seen at the Great Barrier Reef in Australia (formed around islands or bordering coastlines). Many of these reefs are dry or just submerged at low tide. Some of these reefs also feature cays or islands made of coral sand. You might also find the reeds that encircle high islands or the shore of the mainland. Despite their differences, all reefs were produced over millions of years from the bones and skeletal remains of a range of live sea animals. Large amounts of skeletal detritus generated by the pounding of the waves and the predation of burrowing creatures have filled the gaps in this enormous and amazing structure.

Highlights Of Great Barrier Reefs

  • Nearly 9,000 different species of aquatic life can be found in the Great Barrier Reef.
  • Green Island is a lovely, luscious island with locations to explore and do various activities. It is the only cay on the reef with a rainforest on it.
  • You have never seen anything like the beautiful coral creation in the shape of a heart in Heart reef!
  • Indulge in Great Barrier Reef snorkeling, swimming and many other water activities.
  • Heron island lies at a stunning location at the southern end of the Reef, surrounded by a vast 24 hectares of coral reef.
  • Hayman Island is going to be a spectacular experience to always remember for the perfect island resort vacation.
  • Michaelmas Cay, a designated bird sanctuary, is beautifully surrounded by coral and abundant aquatic life.
  • Agincourt Reef is one of the most well-known popular diving and snorkelling spots in the world, and it is beyond stunning!

Great Barrier Reef Towns & Attractions

In Great Barrier Reefs Tour, you can do lots of activities and see many breathtaking attractions. There are many enjoyable ways to get up and personal with the aquatic life of the Great Barrier Reef islands, from fishing and island hopping to snorkelling, scuba diving, and glass-bottom boat excursions.


Cairns is a modern city that serves as an excellent jumping-off point for exploring the larger Tropical North Queensland region. Its front door access to the World Heritage-listed reef, rainforest, outback, and the unique town of Kuranda experience are all right outside its doors. Green Island, Fitzroy Island, Lizard Island, and the Kuranda experience are among the nearby islands that may be explored. Most of the lodging is located in the city proper, adjacent to restaurants of the highest calibre, upscale boutiques, modern art galleries, and nightlife.

Port Douglas

Just 70 kilometres north of Cairns, gorgeous Port Douglas is one of Australia's top vacation spots and has grown to be an international travel hotspot, with everything from glitzy Four Mile Beach to the remoteness of Dickson Inlet. It is regarded as Cairns' little sister and offers tourists seeking a tropical getaway a more serene and opulent choice. With the ideal balance of small-town charm and opulent treats, you can view the reef, rainforests, and beach all at once. Many Great Barrier Reef trips leave Port Douglas, either going directly to the water or taking the shortest route to the marina in Cairns.


On the Fitzroy River, Rockhampton is 40 kilometres inland from the picturesque Capricorn Coast beaches and the seaside resort communities of Yeppoon and Emu Park. The Berserker Ranges and Mount Archer form a stunning background for Rockhampton's bustling city centre, coastline, and the desert beyond. Great Keppel Island is the island that is nearest to Rockhampton.


From the Great Barrier Reef Australia and its tropical islands to the historic outback and the beautiful rainforests, waterfalls, and world heritage-listed national parks in the area, Townsville offers travellers a world of new experiences. The best place to start exploring the beauties of the site is Townsville. Discover the most recent makeover along Flinders Street East, which includes a variety of hip pubs, restaurants, and nightclubs. You may locate eateries serving international cuisines by strolling down Palmer Street. Townsville has everything, whether you want to go scuba diving in the Great Barrier Reef, try your luck at the casino, go white water rafting, or just relax on golden beaches.

Airlie Beach

Airlie Beach serves as one of the primary entry points to the alluring Whitsunday Islands region, but it also makes an excellent year-round vacation spot in its own right. One of North Queensland's fastest-growing tourist attractions, the lovely town is known as a backpacker's paradise and is a great site to enjoy the sea, beaches, and reef. The town has a lot to offer visitors with a relaxed yet touristy ambience and a wide range of activities. While Airlie Beach experiences ideal year-round tropical weather, the months of September to November are the greatest for travel since the weather is perfect and the town comes to life.

Mission Beach

About mid-way between Townsville and Cairns, Mission Beach is located on the stunning North Queensland coastline between the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, classified as a World Heritage Site, and the lush wet tropics. Mission Beach is a recognized retreat-like community with breathtaking beauty that manages to be both tranquil and lively. Dunk Island is about four kilometres away from Mission Beach. With such a fantastic view on the way down, it's understandable why skydiving at the beach is so popular. Innisfail and Tully are two more wonderful little places nearby Mission Beach.

Top Islands In Great Barrier Reef

The Great Barrier Reef Australia, an immense underwater beauty added to the World Heritage list, is a true haven for scuba divers. More than 900 islands are located above the ocean, offering unrivalled access to the wonders of the deep. Some islands are home to renowned luxury resorts, while others are almost uninhabited and provide castaway-style camping experiences for only a few dollars. Choose from among these six Great Barrier Reef islands.

Haggerstone Island

Haggerstone is a private island that welcomes a limited number of visitors eager to enjoy the nearby environment. It is a rare and one-of-a-kind location. The guesthouse is a modest complex of gardens, orchards, ponds, and tropical timber structures. Some of the world's most exquisite coral gardens surround the island, teeming with fish. A substantial and diverse bird population may be found on Haggerstone Island. The aquatic life on Haggerstone will wow visitors.

Heron Island

Heron Island got its name from the herons, among the diverse bird species living there. Muttonbird and tern flocks may be found on the island. Visitors to the island may enjoy the Barrier Reef's splendour untouched by the effects of contemporary civilization. Heron Island is a haven for those who love the outdoors, with a focus on taking in the scenery. Your days are filled with discovery due to your visit, which replaces anxiety with pleasure.

Brampton Island

With twelve golden sand beaches, seven of which are gorgeous and readily accessible by walking paths, coral gardens, and a variety of walking and running pathways, Brampton Island is a sizable, 770-acre island. Brampton Island is situated near the southern entrance to the famed Whitsunday Island Passage. The island's vegetation varies greatly, including areas of tropical rainforest, imposing hoop pine forests, and beautiful coastal mangroves. The beaches are lovely and remote.

Bedarra Island

The ideal tropical island getaway for couples looking for romance is Australia's Bedarra Island, where you can unwind and rediscover your senses in a warm environment. The breathtaking island with a reef surrounding it, in reality, is even more alluring than in fiction. You can tour Bedarra Island and learn about its beauty and other attractions.

Lizard Island

Lizard Island, the northernmost island resort in Australia, lies 93 kilometres northeast of Cooktown and 240 kilometres north of Cairns. A unique tropical paradise, Lizard Island is a refuge of solitude, pleasure, and rest. The Great Barrier Reef Australia's inner and outer reef adventures are best enjoyed at Lizard Island. 24 pristine white beaches here are beginning to be discovered, and you can swim in the renowned Blue Lagoon or snorkel off a remote beach.

Hayman Island

With only 400 hectares (4 km long by 3 km wide), Hayman Island is a tiny island with stunning views to the south. The water in Hayman's Lagoon and Whitsunday Passage is absolutely stunning on a bright sunny day; the colours range from gold to turquoise to emerald to sapphire. You'll think the blues can make you joyful on Hayma.

Great Barrier Reef FAQs

What is special about the Great Barrier Reef in Australia?

The speciality about the Great Barrier Reef is that it has the biggest concentration of coral reefs in the world, with 400 different varieties of coral, 1,500 different fish species, and 4,000 different types of molluscs. Additionally, it is of major scientific significance since it protects endangered animals like the dugong (commonly known as the "sea cow") and huge green turtles.

How many cities are there on the Great Barrier Reef Australia?

The five significant port cities on the Great Barrier Reefs are Port Douglas, Cairns, Townsville, Mackay, and Rockhampton

What is the best time to experience the Great Barrier Reefs?

June to October is the perfect season to explore the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. For tourists, this high season has some significant benefits. Rainfall is infrequent, and temperatures range from the low 60s to the mid-80s, which results in cleaner seas and better diving conditions.

Are there water activities at the Great Barrier Reefs?

One of the most well-liked activities in the Great Barrier Reef is snorkelling. Visitors can submerge themselves to uncover a strange and wonderful world, where vibrant fish species proliferate, and stunning coral systems thrive in a maritime setting.

How many islands are there on the Great Barrier Reef Australia?

Over 900 great Barrier Reef islands are scattered from the southernmost point to Cape York.


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